April Progress Devlog

Foam and Wake Effects

A new update to the wake and foam is getting some love. The foam has a much more natural look (since it was taken from a real photo) and has also been optimized and adjusted for distance detail.

Screenshot-2016-03-11_14-39-55-1024x486 April Progress Devlog

Storm Effects

Nothing beats getting into a fight and a storm rolling in. Now the effect of the rain and fog compounds the difficulty of the fight, leaving the player to have to navigate by sound and light of an enemy’s guns at times to find the battle.

Screenshot-2016-01-11_08-26-41-1024x576 April Progress Devlog

Networking Optimizations

16 person battles are getting tested and we have successfully had more than 1 go through without a crash! To say that it is a brawl is an understatement. Cannons are going off rapid fire and wood chunks are flying!

Network_Testing-Medium-1024x576 April Progress Devlog

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