Build 0.3 Update

We have pushed out a small update to build 0.3 to fix a couple of outstanding feature requests.

  • Removed requirement for server login (offline play available now)
  • Updated gun particles
  • Framework for player profile started
  • Updated camera effects
  • Updated raycasting system
  • Update sky system
  • Cleaned up project files

Mostly this was a stabilization build and a chance to remove the server account system and allow for offline play. We will expand it a bit more in the coming weeks with a new ship class and a different map, as well as putting in a simple scenario as well. Hope you enjoy!


YFwslcJ Build 0.3 Update

eFsP4VF Build 0.3 Update

bxkYs3m Build 0.3 Update

kyIP9DY Build 0.3 Update

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