How can I test the latest version?

You can test the current stable release by clicking the ‘Download’ button in the menu above. We are keeping the demo available for the time being until we are ready for a Green Light, at which time we will be freezing the demo at that version until the steam release is available.

If you are interested in testing the ‘bleeding edge’ version (mostly broken, but newer features) then you can contact us at with your request and qualifications. A Non Disclosure Agreement has to be signed by WPG and yourself before access to the testing forum is granted. Testers will have access to the latest version of the game that is in alpha or beta state and may have access to features and options that demo/free players do not.

How many players in Multiplayer?

Our goal is to exceed 64 players for dedicated headless servers. For player hosted it will likely be around 32 before performance begins to suffer due to graphical rendering as well as calculations. As the performance will be relying on the host machine for calculations and the host internet speeds for the latency, it will depend heavily on the host for the max players that can be in a game before performance drops.

Realism or Arcade?

Both, or even a variation of the two.┬áThe host of a particular game can select the settings for that battle to take place. There will be pre-sets that are designed to give a base overall feel for the battles, however each setting can be individually changed in the ‘custom’ battle mode.

Can I walk around my ship in first person?

No. The only ‘on deck’ views that will be available are for aiming the guns and estimating the enemy’s range. We have no current plans to add this feature, however, that does not preclude it from being added later once all core mechanics are complete and we have a good player base that wants it.

What is the basic gameplay?

Players take part in single or multiplayer battles by taking direct control over a ship of their choosing (earned through gameplay). If a player is able to board and capture a ship on the enemy team they will earn their team Gold (plus a bonus for himself) and get XP for himself. Gold is divided at the end of the mission among players that are still in the server. Players start with the ability to play as 2 starting nations with the ability to purchase a Letter of Marque to play as other nations.

Are you going to make it into a DLC heaven?

No. In our opinion splitting up a multiplayer game into DLC is akin to pay-to-win games and we do not want that at all. We have several additional changes that are planned for the post-release game including increasing ship details, changes to the water systems, better weather, and adding ships/upgrades/locations/missions. At no point will any of those changes incur a new cost to the players.

Will I be able to mod the base game?

Modding has been discussed and will not be available for the initial game release but is on the roadmap for much later releases. We hope to have so much content in the game initially that modding will be done in-house by adding new ships, locations, upgrades, and more at a sufficient pace to keep players excited to play. If modding is to be allowed we have to determine the correct way to manage it so that it does not cause any issues with the balance of the online play.

How much will it cost?

Cheap. Like ridiculously so. Current estimates are around the $15 mark. There will be a free version available for players to try out that has a level cap per nation. You can continue to earn rep for that nation but will not be able to captain higher level ships. You can still take part in all battles like normal and will not be restricted on what else you can do. Paid players will also get the ability to sync their profile to an online system that will allow them to play on multiple computers using the same profile. Also, there will be no DRM that limits the player in how many machines they can play on, just how many of their profile that can be online at a time.

Singleplayer or Multiplayer?

It will be primarily a multiplayer game (PVP and Coop) but will allow for single player as well. Single player games and matches will not earn as much XP and Gold as a multiplayer game.

Will there be (paid) early access?

No. The only early access will be for testers and the occasional license for a blogger/promotional outlet. We will release a free demo from time to time as the code is stabilized.