Ordinary and Able seamen make up the bulk of the ship company. Any task not assigned to a specialist group (Gunners, Marines) will fall on the Seamen to perform. A ship can assign seamen to perform gunnery duties but they are not suited for the task and will take longer to perform the duties. Sail changes, course changes, and hull repairs are performed by the seamen.


Seamen tasked with the management of the guns. Reloading speeds and gun accuracy depend on the number of gunners and their skill level. Gunners can perform standard Seamen duties, though at a lower efficiency.


Marines are used in battle to defend a ship against boarders and to board enemy ships. When ships are within range, Marines will engage the enemy crew with muskets from the deck and from the fighting tops. When a ship has been slowed or stopped Seamen and Marines can cast grapples to bring the ship closer to begin boarding. If a ship is being boarded then Marines are the first line of defense. Marines are excellent fighters and are highly trained in ship to ship boarding. Gunners and Seamen can repel boards and board ships but are not as efficient as Marines.