June Progress Devlog

New Ship Models

The newest addition(s) to our fleet will be a collection of brigs and snows. Sporting 22 guns (at least) of mostly 6lbs, it is a formidable ship in a fight with plenty of power and quick turns.

ss-2016-08-04-at-09.44.42 June Progress Devlog

Master Server Rewrite

The master server system (how players find battles) was originally based on another system and was starting to show some weaknesses. After a complete rewrite and a full rebuild of the mechanisms we can now say that we have the most optimized version going. Games will be able to be sorted by their map, game type, and even what DLC or mods they may be running. Private server systems have also been updated so as to keep the game server from having to manage password attempts by letting the master server control their initial attempt to connect to the game.

ss-2016-06-20-at-09.46.45-1024x605 June Progress Devlog


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