New Game Patcher/Launcher/Downloader Available

So the last time we tested this game patcher out we kept getting some odd issues due to files either not being correct, or having new characters or formatting in them, so we pulled the patcher/launcher out of the test builds because we were losing far too much time to the bugs. We finally got a chance to take it apart and actually see what was happening, and it was actually fairly simple, but needed some extensive work to get it back to stable. As a result we added in a new feature at the same time to be able to download a full version of the game (or clear a previously installed version) so that you don’t have to download a zip file every time. The patcher itself shouldn’t need any updating for now, but a later edition will likely have the ability to patch itself as well as the game.

Without further ado, here is the new patcher!

Invalid download ID.

4 Replies to “New Game Patcher/Launcher/Downloader Available”

  1. Please help me! I’ve downloaded the game from the launcher but when it finished, a note appeared. it says:
    ERROR: Invalid patch: C/Users/ADMIN/Desktop/LettersOfMarquePatcher/Launcher_Data/../CurrentVersion.txt
    What should i do?

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