New Ship – Queen Anne’s Revenge

This is a model based on the plans and info acquired of the Slave ship La Concorde (1710), which is the ship Blackbeard captured and converted for his use, and renamed to Queen Anne’s Revenge (1717). There is of course dispute about her being a French-Dutch built, French-French built, and of course English built. We have gone by the idea of the English built La Concorde. This is first of all sincewe like the style, and that it has been easier to acquire info about this theory.

We have used the artwork, plans and pictures of the model that sits in North Carolina Maritime Museum.

La-Concordia-Plans New Ship - Queen Anne's Revenge
Plan of the La Concorde – North Carolina Maritime Museum
QAR-in-NCMM New Ship - Queen Anne's Revenge
Model of the Queen Anne’s Revenge as it sits in North Carolina Maritime Museum
QAR-beached-painting New Ship - Queen Anne's Revenge
Artwork of the Beached Queen Anne’s Revenge

We could not find any real references to La Concorde’s stern gallery – except from the sides, so we have done an educated guess from the other ships of the era. The stern gallery is partly also inspired by the Whydah, which was captained by another famous pirate – Samuel Bellamy.

Wydah-Model-1024x682 New Ship - Queen Anne's Revenge
Model of the Whydah

We have also let my self be inspired by the old Hercules Mastercraft Frigate that Christian used to captain in Port Battles while playing Pirates of the Burning Sea.

We have probably added a few guns more than she originally had, and we suspect she had allot of antipersonnel swivel guns making up some of the gun count.

But we made the ship for us, and for our game Tides of War and Lonely Castle Studio’s game in development – Sea of Honor, and so the gameplay comes first. We were neither trying to be 100% accurate or historical correct.

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