Today had a new release with a couple of important changes:

  • Particle rewrite on smoke and splashes
    • Splashes are seen further away and scale for camera distance, this makes it easier to see your shots
    • Smoke no longer has a ‘delay’ while is comes out of inactivity
  • Ship cannons have slightly lower max elevation. This gives a bit more control over the guns elevation.
  • Ship syncing was redone to only need one RPC on client connect. Reducing overhead network load when a new player joins.
  • Player join/disconnect messages now are sent when someone joins or leaves a server
  • Enter key now focuses on the chat more reliably. Also enter after sending message removes focus from the chat box.
  • Controls page has been fixed for its spawning. Moved to a new method of control.
  • Starting splash screen delay sort-of fixed. It loads smoother but still working on reducing the time some more.
  • Players can only join servers that are the same version as them. Keeps crashes from occurring when someone tries to join an older/newer server.


Known Issues:

  • Masts do not sync their destroyed status on new player joins. The physics still respond the same but the new client would see full rigging regardless of damage state of the players rig.
  • No collision damage when ships hit, just rigging.



If you start with v0.2.15.1217a – then the Launcher application is broken in it. You can either download a new launcher (on the right) or download the full game again with the launcher included.

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